Corporate website for private jet company.

This corporate website was designed for the private jet company Panaviatic. The website is targeted to provide a detailed information about company services and flight timetable.

As a result the website provides a detailed information about company, company services, emails its clients about flights, offers to subscribe to a Mailchimp newsletter and not only that.

Ease of navigation, instant feedback form, fast access to information.

The website is designed to provide comfotable access to highly structurised and prioritised information. It was found, that ordering a private jet, it's highly important to show, that offered service is certified.



Easily explore the fleet and find the most important information about the jet. And yes, the service is certified and safe. This is an important piece of information that will increase the trust to a company service.


Colorful, attractive and effective!

Experimental approach to design a page to look like a presentation. The image is always 100% of the screen height and higher if the content block is higher than the monitor height :)
Fully responsive page, respecting the content.




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