Website-application prototype design and front-end development.

The requirement was to develop first design vision and working front-end prototype for a startup.

As a result the fully working front-end Bootstrap based prototype was developed. Easy to integrate with back-end, comfortable to be presented to investors.

Requested features: simplicity, ease of use, instant access to main functionality.


Low fidelity prototype.

Target: main accent is on a page functionality, which is "Search and get the result"; invite visitor to register an account.

Keywords: Google, Native, instant acces to Application's functionality.

Solution: Google-like search, "Register snd Analyse" button. Instant acces to results after registration, extendabilty, functionality, clear UI.

Landing page.

Search result page.

High fidelity prototype.

High fidelity prototype in different color schemas.




Search page with results.

All search queries are visible and can be manipulated by the user: removed, added to favourites, etc.


Two-step registration.

Continue registration process after "quick-registration". After user has been registered OR when user access the user profile he is asked to omplete the registration process and become a verifyed member. Until then no/some manipulations are possible.


One of the landing page ideas.


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